How to Buy Effective Bed Bug Mattress Covers

If your house has become infested with bedbugs or risk getting a mattress cover bed bugs can help in their fight against these horrible little insects. only no longer live bugs in dirty unkempt houses. They are becoming an epidemic in the United States in recent years. An estimated one in twenty homes now have a bed bug problem.

Exterminators most agree that the defense number one for bed bug prevention is the bed cover with sheets of test error. Once bed bugs have gained entry to a mattress are much harder to remove.

If you have discovered that your home is actually infested with bedbugs, the first area you need to address is the mattress. If you’ve recently bought a new mattress and no breaks or tears in it, they may be able to get away with buying a mattress cover bed bugs. If your bed is old, and you can afford it, it may be better to buy a new bed and mattress and then cover them.

Then we will discuss what you should consider when buying a mattress protector bed bug.

Finding the right mattress protector bed for you Bug
Be sure to measure the area of the bed, the mattress should also be included as jointly or separately. A vinyl cover bedbug mattress or polypropylene cover is the best. Not only keep out insects are also moisture resistant. Also, make sure you buy a platform deep enough (at least 11 inches). The cover also keep dust mites and other allergens to which the victim with allergies.

One last thing: people tend to forget about pillows. These should also be covered to prevent bed bugs and other allergens bedding. For most comfort, you want a pillowcase bed bugs made of a breathable fabric and has a polyurethane coating. Such cases will not get as hot as one made of vinyl.

Covers and pills can be purchased at most brick and mortar stores and more conveniently, online. If you want to shop online in the privacy of your home, American source of comfort, Inc has many mattress covered with bed bugs at prices that are often 50% lower than you see in stores.

The best mattress cover bed bugs that have for sale online is waterproof quilted mattress protector. With a polyurethane liner will not be hot to sleep, it is washable and has the comfort of being with zipper on three sides for easy removal. Not only is the certificate case against bedbugs, but also keep dust mites and allergens of a box spring or mattress. For more information on how to save almost 50% of retail and receive free shipping.



Disadvantages of Cotton Mattresses

Since the days when mattresses had been invented first, the cotton had been an integral part of it. Currently, cotton is processed and used to adhere various regulations before being used in a mattress. Being an organic material cotton also makes a very strong competitor in the mattress industry.

Cotton has always been a very convenient and popular option for mattresses worldwide. Cotton is a natural fiber that is very compatible with our bodies and the structure of our body. However, the same can not be said of latex, foam and other synthetic fabrics. When we surround ourselves with organic cotton, our optimal sleep and tend to wake up healthier.

However, although cotton mattresses are a rage, they have some disadvantages.

Conventional cotton is saturated with chemicals. These chemicals are toxic to the human system and many of them are emanated by body heat. It can lead to choking or other infections.

Organic cotton waterproof quilted mattress protector are not fireproof. However, other mattresses that are made of synthetic materials can be protected against fire for a range of substances such as formaldehyde.

Organic cotton has a very subtle and natural scent that is completely harmless and disappears quickly, which is an advantage. In comparison, non-organic mattresses and conventional cotton synthetic emit a smell of synthetic chemicals – like you will find in carpets and new cars. While this odor subsides over a period of time, never completely disappears. These chemicals when heated by the body, causing the chemical to outgas, you inhale.

Although organic cotton is ideal for those with allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities and neutral trends, sometimes they are the main cause of diseases such as dust mites and other microorganisms can easily reside in them. In comparison, new components mattresses don not provide any space for microorganisms and are completely free of germs.

Organic cotton mattresses have excellent qualities wicking, moisture absorption dissipating night and during the day, which is aided by the circulation of air through the springs. However, this also is provided by modern memory foam without the risk of a bacterial infection dust mite.

With the introduction of memory foam mattresses, mattress sale cotton has taken a back seat. Memory foam mattresses last longer, fit your body shape and temperature and are even free of bacteria. Moreover, traditional cotton mattresses also become a major fire compared to mattresses today.